Baby Shark Party Box

Baby Shark Party Box

from 148.00

Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Shark Parties are all the rage this summer! Popseri has curated this whimsical under the sea tabletop package for your child's upcoming birthday, classroom party or playdate. Bring the beach to you and stay out of the water!

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Party of:
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What's inside?                                                          Party of 8      Party of 16     
Large Plates 8 16
Small Plates 8 16
Silver Cups 8 16
Blue Color Changing Straws 8 16
Shell Napkins 16 16
Silver Dipped Cutlery (fork, knife, spoon) 8 16
Fish Napkins 8 16
Shark cupcake or food platters 4 8
Woven Blue paper tablecloth 1 2
Royal Blue sequin runner 1 2
Baby Shark Party Hats 8 16

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